How steep of a slope can TracMow truly handle?

TracMow’s low center-of-gravity allows it to easily climb slopes up to 55º. When mowing across slopes, the maximum angle recommended is 45º. It is recommended to keep the fuel tank oriented towards the top of the slope. Since TracMow mows in forward and reverse, there is no need to perform tricky maneuvers keep the tank oriented uphill.

Does it need a winch?

Unlike other remote controlled slope mowers, TracMow does not require a winch in order to climb and hold steep slopes. Rubber tracks provide unparalleled traction.

How easy is it to transport?

Convenient transport makes TracMow stand out from other slope mowers. TracMow’s 48.75” width will fit comfortably into standard pick-up truck beds - no need for a separate trailer!


Can it be used in conservation areas or near drinking water reservoirs?

TracMow’s electric transmission system prevents any leakage making it perfectly safe to use in conservation areas, protected nature reserves, or near drinking water reservoirs.


Where is TracMow manufactured?

TracMow is manufactured by Barbieri S.R.L. in Sossano, Italy. Established in 1958, Barbieri has been producing high quality gardening and landscaping equipment for over fifty years.